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My name is Molly. I have been married for 5 years and have two children. A 10 year old step-son, a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! I live in the town I grew up in and have a large family that I see often. We all live close to each other right now and I hope it stays that way as we draw a lot of support from one another. I have been a nurse for 6 years, mostly in the emergency department, and I love my job. Since young childhood I dreamed of being a nurse and a mom and here I am both! I couldn't have imagined how difficult the journey would be but neither could I have fathomed the Joy that would come from both. Becoming a mom has made me into a better person in many ways and a bit of a crazy worry wart in other ways! Having support from other moms who have been there before or are there with you makes all the difference in the world!


Open Letter to My Son, Part 3 of 3

You're just a wee one now, my little mister, but soon you'll be grown and you'll need to hear these things from a female's perspective.

When you’re old enough to fly on your own, little bird, live by the ocean. You’ve got beach in your blood and ocean in your veins, and I promise you will be happier if you can smell the sea and feel the salt on your skin.Please don’t ever date a woman who pretends to be weak around you. Women are perfectly capable of changing lightbulbs, carrying things up steep stairways, loosening the pickle jar, changing a flat and …

Baby Attitudes

You know how cute it is when a newborn does that sweet cry or that angry face when they are mad at something? Well as they get older that isn’t quite as cute!Caelum, who is now 15 months old, has started doing a lot of whining. I think a lot of it has to do with him becoming more independent but not able to fully vocalize his needs and it’s frustrating for him. But he also seems to almost enjoy it like it’s a game. He will use whining and pointing for things that he usually uses words for like “cup” or “book”.I’ll be honest I’m not nearly as good …


Milestone Madness

Ryder is only three months old, so I shouldn't be spending time putting check marks next to milestones. He's going to grow at his own pace, and I will soak up every second of his development, not compare him to other children or a list of expectations.

Ryder turned three months old last week, and I’ve been monitoring the milestone chart like a mad woman.

My son has met all of his milestones long before the average child. He started copying sounds at just three weeks old, for goodness sake! We saw his first smile before the one month mark, and he has had …


More teeth!

You often hear lots about teething when you have a 4-12 month old baby. Anytime they are fussy (especially when no teeth have come yet) people will say “oh I bet he’s teething”. Well the truth is you never know until a tooth pops out. They can show teething ‘signs’ for months with no teeth or just days.

Caelum has decided to get in all of his top AND bottom molars in all at once! He is literally chewing on EVERYTHING including but not limited to: my feet, his sister, toys, dog bones, dog treat (which he actually ate :\), himself, his clothes, anyone’s clothes within his reach and lastly of …


Open Letter to My Son, Part 2 of 3

See? It's ok to cry your heart out! Plus, I think it's great that you were so angry about your dad's birthday present photo shoot. Just try not to be a blubbering mess in public, son.

Letter to my son, continued:You can cry, too. It’s ok and it doesn’t make you soft or any less of a man. But, please, for heaven’s sake, have a backbone. Never cry for the sake of gaining pity or to win a girl’s heart. You’re an awesome man, and you need to know that you can find someone else. Always. But if you need to cry, cry …

When baby gets hurt

It's all fun and games until it's time to take them off!

As an ER nurse, I see people in pain a lot. I must admit that (although I take every person seriously and treat them as quickly and as best as I can) I do get somewhat ‘DE-sensitized’ to the pain/injury of others simply from being so used to seeing it. It’s so different than when one of my babies is hurt! I don’t want to see anyone hurting, especially a kid, but when it’s my kid I can literally feel their pain.Yes there is an injury and story to go along with this! Caelum was …

Open Letter to My Son, Part 1 of 3

The journal my sweet friend sent me so I could write love letters to Ryder during his first wonderful year with me.

I have a wonderful friend who has done so much for me through pregnancy and after Ryder’s birth, and she recently mailed me a journal entitled “Our First Year Together” to write letters to my son and journal about our first year as mother and son. She recently lost her mother, and she said the most precious gifts were reading her mother’s journals about their journey together. I’ve written so much already, and it got me thinking. What if something …

My baby’s not a baby anymore

Caelum is now 15 months old and he is walking, talking and becoming quite independent. I can’t remember the last time he let me rock him to sleep… he likes to put himself to sleep. I do get to read books and he lays still for that most of the time. Part of me is so excited about the next phase of “older kids” and no more newborn’s or diapers… etc… but the other part of me so longs to have another baby!

My husband and I are 99% sure we are done but are kind of in limbo with the decision. We are leaning toward vasectomy. He is okay with …


The Art of Language Part 2

I’ve posted earlier about keeping you cool when around kids and babies because they pick up on so much more than we realize. Babies can understand much faster than they can articulate. Well this week I’ve having that tested apparently! My daughter and I had strep throat, Caelum had an ear infection, my husband a sinus infection and when I thought it was all over I had a migraine that had me on my back for 9 hours straight!

Today is the first day this week we are all better and I’m planning on going to work but the car won’t start and long story short I miss the day care …


When everybody’s sick

No sick days for mommies!

Newborns and infants under 3 months are especially susceptible to colds and infections and must be watched carefully. And although as they age certain things become less dangerous it is still difficult when you have a sick child. Even more so when you have 2 sick children, a sick daddy and a sick mommy!

My issue with sickness/colds is I always want to know where it came from and this can be nearly impossible at times and I have to learn to let it go. I can’t protect them from everything and I’m not going to soap/sanitize away all the bacteria because I …


Health News

Basics About Your Newborn’s Body

Even the best-prepared parents may be surprised by a few things that are quite normal in newborns!

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