Molly Mathews

My name is Molly. I have been married for 5 years and have two children. A 10 year old step-son, a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! I live in the town I grew up in and have a large family that I see often. We all live close to each other right now and I hope it stays that way as we draw a lot of support from one another. I have been a nurse for 6 years, mostly in the emergency department, and I love my job. Since young childhood I dreamed of being a nurse and a mom and here I am both! I couldn't have imagined how difficult the journey would be but neither could I have fathomed the Joy that would come from both. Becoming a mom has made me into a better person in many ways and a bit of a crazy worry wart in other ways! Having support from other moms who have been there before or are there with you makes all the difference in the world!


I was born and raised in Lakeland, FL. Growing up I participated in many activities but the one that took up most of my time was gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years. When I got into high school, gymnastics was pushed to the back burner and my main focus was volleyball. I excelled and received many awards throughout my high school years in volleyball, which also included a few offers to large universities with full ride scholarships. I decided to stay close to home and go to a local State University and play volleyball. I received my AA in Public Relations/ Communications. Currently, I am taking online classes that will be put towards my Bachelors Degree. I met my husband while we were both working in retail. About a year after meeting, the Marine Corp became part of our lives. He is with an Infantry Battalion that is currently deployed overseas. A few days after his departure, we found out we were expecting our first child. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. We also have two “fur” babies that keep us quite busy; Daisy and Scooter. Daisy is a Greyhound/ Lab mix and Scooter is a Hound mix. I enjoy reading, being outside in the wonderful sunshine, going out on our boat, fishing, and spending quality time with my husband. This is a very exciting time for me and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings with you.


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