Molly Mathews

My name is Molly. I have been married for 5 years and have two children. A 10 year old step-son, a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! I live in the town I grew up in and have a large family that I see often. We all live close to each other right now and I hope it stays that way as we draw a lot of support from one another. I have been a nurse for 6 years, mostly in the emergency department, and I love my job. Since young childhood I dreamed of being a nurse and a mom and here I am both! I couldn't have imagined how difficult the journey would be but neither could I have fathomed the Joy that would come from both. Becoming a mom has made me into a better person in many ways and a bit of a crazy worry wart in other ways! Having support from other moms who have been there before or are there with you makes all the difference in the world!


Beating The Heat

Now that I am out for summer vacation, I am trying to find ways to beat the heat.  My first day out on break, however, I had the motivation to do absolutely nothing.  I did, however, manage to cook dinner and then once it was cooked, decided I didn’t really want to eat it.  I hope that this day is not an indication of how the summer is going to go.  Wesley and I didn’t even get out of our pajamas all day!  Luckily, he didn’t really seem to mind!  My parents bought him a Discovery Kids space shuttle made out of cardboard that you assemble and decorate.  He seemed to really be occupied with taking different toys into the space shuttle and pretending to go places.  I know that I can’t get by with this everyday!

In order to beat the heat, and have fun we will either go out in the mornings or in the later part of the afternoon.  I will try to avoid the heat of the day, which really should work out since we still have lunch and nap around that time.  Wesley loves to draw with chalk on the sidewalk, blow bubbles, and play on his ride-on toys outside.  We also have a park nearby and an above ground pool in the backyard that is still not quite ready for us to get in.

We may catch a matinee movie, or a morning at the public library, but I do plan on not just being a couch potato all summer!   I know that Wesley will help make sure of that!  But, I am sure thankful for nap time because as I tell him—“Mommy needs a nap too!”

What are ways that you and yours are spending the summer?  Please share! 

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