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My name is Molly. I have been married for 5 years and have two children. A 10 year old step-son, a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! I live in the town I grew up in and have a large family that I see often. We all live close to each other right now and I hope it stays that way as we draw a lot of support from one another. I have been a nurse for 6 years, mostly in the emergency department, and I love my job. Since young childhood I dreamed of being a nurse and a mom and here I am both! I couldn't have imagined how difficult the journey would be but neither could I have fathomed the Joy that would come from both. Becoming a mom has made me into a better person in many ways and a bit of a crazy worry wart in other ways! Having support from other moms who have been there before or are there with you makes all the difference in the world!


Choosing a Diaper Pail

 If you’ve been reading my older posts, you know that we are planning to cloth diaper our daughter. This means we definitely need a diaper pail to put the dirty diapers in. My mom used a diaper genie with my little sisters, which works great for disposable diapers, keeping both the diapers and stink locked inside. For cloth diapers, you have essentially two options: wet pail or dry pail.

Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. A wet pail is a bucket of some kind, filled with water (and sometimes a detergent or stain remover, depending on the user preference) where you place dirty diapers until they are ready to be washed. When it’s wash time, either pour the excess water in the toilet or dump the whole mess into the washing machine. The biggest advantage I’ve found is keeping stains down, but the disadvantages are just too much for me: the stink of standing water and the risk of drowning just to name a couple. So we’ve opted to go with a dry pail, and as is typical of me, it’s a DIY pail.

We bought a tall trash can at Walmart as well as two white, mesh laundry bags that are the perfect size with which to line the trash can. When it’s time to wash diapers (in a load of 18-24) we can take the entire bag out and throw it in the washing machine without having to take care of standing water. We are hoping to get a diaper sprayer, which is essentially a hose you attach to your toilet to spray down diapers and rinse off baby poop into the toilet, then you can place the diaper into the pail and reduce staining. A lot of parents complain about the stink of the dry pail, but it’s really easy to keep the odor down using diaper pail deodorizing disks you can buy online or at lots of stores. Then again you can try my solution: baking soda.

I was really impressed with my upcycling skills last night when I came up with this solution. I took a plastic screw-top container from a shake-n-make smoothie, washed and dried it thoroughly, then punched some holes in the lid. This created a great shaker that I was able to fill up with baking soda to leave by the diaper pail so we can sprinkle some in every time we add a diaper.

The plastic is perfect to be able to give it a small squeeze for a nice burst of odor control. I found a nearly identical product put out by Arm & Hammer that was almost $2 for the same size. $2 isn’t much, but when you can do it yourself for only the cost of the baking soda, it’s easily refillable, and with something you were going to throw away anyway, that’s $2 saved that can go to something else, like baby wipes.

How do you dispose of your diapers and keep stinky smells away?

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  • chanda October 8th, 2013 7:48 pm

    Love this idea! A good alternative to the baking soda bottle would be a mason jar with a parmesan cheese lid… they fit :) as long as no littles can get to the glass :)

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