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My name is Molly. I have been married for 5 years and have two children. A 10 year old step-son, a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! I live in the town I grew up in and have a large family that I see often. We all live close to each other right now and I hope it stays that way as we draw a lot of support from one another. I have been a nurse for 6 years, mostly in the emergency department, and I love my job. Since young childhood I dreamed of being a nurse and a mom and here I am both! I couldn't have imagined how difficult the journey would be but neither could I have fathomed the Joy that would come from both. Becoming a mom has made me into a better person in many ways and a bit of a crazy worry wart in other ways! Having support from other moms who have been there before or are there with you makes all the difference in the world!


Baby shower games

I attended a baby shower for a friend of mine last night. It was really nice because while the girls were inside doing our thing our husbands were outside doing keg stands or whatnot.

I haven’t been to a baby shower in a long time but let me tell you there are some crazy games out there. We played one game called “My water broke.” Basically, everyone has a little plastic baby in an ice cube and they have to do whatever they can to get it to melt and get the baby out and then yell “My water broke!” Although it was funny seeing the different ways people were trying to melt the ice cube, I have to admit I thought this was kind of creepy lol.

Another game was having to guess what was in the diaper. It’s about as gross as it sounds. There were 5 diapers with melted candy bars in them and you had to guess what candy was in each. This is not a good game for pregnant women with weak stomachs. Just looking at it made me think of real dirty diapers and I just wasn’t having any of it haha.

The other games were pretty funny though. We had to guess prices of baby items, played bingo with the presents she received, and had a bottle chugging contest. The bottle contest was actually really really hard. Newborn nipples let out hardly anything!

Overall it was a super fun shower. My advice would be to play all the games anyways. Some may have been kind of strange but they were still really funny. We had great food, chatted about babies, and awed over all the cute and wonderful gifts she received.

I can’t wait for my baby shower in 2 weeks!

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  • Onslow Theckla Onslow Theckla November 19th, 2010 3:56 pm

    I have heard of the dirty diaper game – which sounds terrible – but not some of these others. Thanks for passing along the cute ideas. With several friends who are expecting, these will be fun to incorporate. Hope you get to play a few fun ones at your own shower!

  • Jessica Brown Jessica Brown November 20th, 2010 10:58 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAH I loved this post! Blake and I attended a friends baby shower about two years ago and we played the dirty diaper game, btw even for those women who are not pregnant, it’s a gross game lol! Funny game, but gross!

    We played the bottle chugging contest, too, well I didn’t but Blake did. As a matter of fact, all the men that were there played and the women watched, because the bottles were filled with alcohol… Happy baby shower! lol I can’t wait to hear what you receive!

  • jasmin cam December 2nd, 2010 4:30 pm

    Really great idea dude!

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